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Class Descriptions

Boot Camp
Style / HIIT / Tabata
A total body workout using steps, bosu, balls etc. for short interval bursts of cardio and strength to challenge total body

TRX ( Strap suspension training)
Build the body you want with strength, power, flexibility, balance and mobility using suspension training straps and various conditioning tools and watch the results! 

Total Body
Muscle Pump

A strength training & endurance workout using weights, body bars, tubing, medicine balls etc. -
we have the tools for all levels!

Muscle Pump
W/cardio infusion
 Total body training w/ cardio bursts.

Rebounding Mini Trampoline
A fun & exhilarating   cardio workout to build stamina, muscle, balance, and burn up the fat  while strengthening  your entire body function.

Cycle Classes
The bike is used as a mode of cardio/ interval training. Inter. to adv levels

Kick Box Cardio
A cardio/muscle conditioning workout using non-contact boxing and karate techniques. All levels

H20 Classes
A zero impact total body workout utilizing the natural buoyancy and resistant qualities of the water,  Try Bootcamp in the Water!!Core pole Workouts
A total body conditioning calorie burning workout/ w/constant core challenge using positive and negative resistance tubing anchored to the core pole unit -
All levels

Cardio Core

An energy packed cardio workout using med. ball, core-bar, bender ball, bosu to chisel the middle. You will see the change!

A fun Latin dance workout for all levels. Learn, move, laugh and feel great!

Core Workouts
w/Pilates Mix

Various modes of resistance ( bosu, med and bender balls, stability balls, rebounders_ are used to challenge your middle

Lengthen, Tone, and stretch the entire body while breathing properly to achieve max. benefit
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:15  Sprint Cycle  Bill  (Reserve)  

6:45 Gravity Group  (fee) (reserve)


8:15 Sprint
Cycle Bill 
8:45 Boxing
8:30  Yoga
8:40 Core/ Sculpt  Corepole  Bill

9:00    Water Workout  Diane
8:15  Yoga
8:30       Kick Box Cardio  Tammy  

Cardio & Strength
   Bill /
9:00    Water Aerobics  Diane   9:00 Water Workout Diane 9:00 Cardio  /Muscle 
9:15 Cardio  Core  w/ Med. Ball - Bender Ball,  other Core resistance Tammy
Every 3rd 1 Minute Rule (HiiT)
9:30 H20 Arthritis Class 9:15 (mini trampoline) Tabata

10:00 Core workout mix on Mini tramp.
9:10   TRX    Suspension Training


uscle Pump  Cardio InFusion Tammy
9:00     Tabata
    Boot camp

alt. 1 min rule
(see dates)

  9:30       H20 Arthritis Class 10:00 Strength
 + Core on

the floor 

10:00 Floor Pilates Mix
w/ Core
abs & back - Bender Ball etc.
10:30 Water Aerobics  



11:00 Boxing Drills (reserve  $4)


12:00 Lunch Sprint  Bill  (reserve) 

10:30  Water Aerobics   Gina 10:00  Mat Muscle sculpting core  w/ Pilates mix

11:00 Gravity Group (reserve)   Bill
10:00    Water

Family Swim 






4:30  - 7      Gravity classes    reserve Rob


5:00  Endurance Ride (res.) Bill


4:15              TRX (reserve)



4:30 & 5:15 Gravity Group  (reserve) Tammy 

12:00 Senior Strength  Bill WOW -  TRX Strap  Training Classes! no xtra $

*TRY* Tabata & Muscle pump Cardio Infusion!!
 30 min. Muscle Pump Blast (reserve)
Gravity Demo

5:20 Max 
Cardio Mix  w/ Kick Box &  Muscle  Sculpt   Tammy   

Muscle Pump
Bootcamp Style Tammy

Every 3rd   1 Minute   Rule (HiiT)
5:20 Tabata  trampoline, med. balls....

6:00 TRX Strap
suspension training (30 min.)
 4:45 Boxing & Ropes

6:00 H20 Aerobics Gina


6:30 YOGA Brian (reserve)




*Special Classes Every week*

Try*Hiit All Over    *1 Minute Rule  *Power Moves  *Pyramid Down  *Pyramid Up     

See listing at club or call 828-3458


Family Swim            Fri. 6-7  Sat. 4 -5

Sun.  1 - 2                        $3.  per child






6:00 H20 Aerobics 
6:00  Mat - Core+++  Challenge  
6:00 H20 Aerobics Gina

Try Gravity (see schedule)


Pool and Therapeutic Whirlpool

All New purification system - so less chemicals and much better and safer for you!







Avoid Injury - If you are not able to be here at the start of class, you must warm up before joining the class. Also, if you leave before the cool down and stretch, you must do your own cool down and stretch. REMEMBER - RESERVE AHEAD for biking!