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What are your personal goals, needs, and desires as you move toward a happier, healthier, more fit lifestyle?  

Most of us quickly learn that a life involving exercise is not just about looking good.  Exercise is paramount to preventing illness and it is an important treatment (medicine) to overcoming illness and unhealthy sedentary habits.  Exercise and proper nutrition (not magic pills and gimmicks) is the real Fountain of Youth & Wellness.

Why consider having a Personal Trainer at American Health?  

Because, we are educated experienced, and value your personal situation. We want to help you through that doorway of commitment to an active healthy lifestyle that works for you!

Consider having a Personal Trainer as your professional advisor to direct and assist you to achieve your OPTIMAL:  Health, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Core Strength, Cardiovascular health, Posture, Balance, Coordination, Physical Appearance, and Psychological Health.

Consider having a Personal Trainer to keep you on your path as you strive to lose fat, tone your body, reduce mounting daily stress, and gradually change the habits that have held you back for to long.

Consider having a Personal Trainer, whether it is on a regular schedule or periodically, to determine the safest and most effective strategies to achieve your goals.  We all need encouragement, support, and proper direction to help overcome the obstacles that plague us.

Consider having Personal Training to help educate yourself and learn how to get your personal maximum results efficiently and effectively.  Learn different strategies through your personal training that you can use for life.

What are your health concerns?  Whether they be arthritis, heart disease, diabetes..... or a more physical problem such as a back, knee, shoulder issue, your trainer can work with your medical team to provide a safe and effective exercise program that focuses on your needs.

Consider Personal Training in the Pool - 828-3458

Personal Training is affordable!!

      Purchase a single session or a package (which lowers the cost per session). Encourage a friend to train with you & make it more affordable... Also, we provide group training for 3 or 4 people - Form your own group or just express interest & we will match you with others who have similar interests.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and we will be happy to guide you ! !