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Feel The Difference

Whether you  are male or female, young or old, American Health Fitness Center's extensive variety of  Group Classes will provide you with motivation, encouragement and support.  We are continually challenging you to Feel The Difference with experienced instruction and guidance. 

American Health Fitness Center  uses class and instructor training guidelines of national aerobic certification agencies, plus recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine. Our members always feel confident that our class selection and format is personally designed, screened, and approved   in order to increase  flexibility, strengthen muscles, and enhance cardiovascular endurance.

American Health Fitness Center  includes several types of group classes including Pool Classes. Each type of  class has its own level of difficulty. Please read the descriptions below to determine which are best suited for you. Most classes have an abdominal (mid section) session and stretch at the end.  Come join American Health Fitness Center , you and your family will Feel The Difference.

Remember - We hope that you can arrive on time for any class you choose to participate in,  but if you are unable to,  please join in when you can!!  Please warm up before joining a class in session..

Cardio Core - An energy packed cardio workout using Medicine balls, bender ball, core-bar, etc. to chisel the middle!!  You will feel & see the change in your middle.

Bootcamp Style classes - Anaerobic Fitness  - A total body workout using steps, bosu, weights, indoor track, slides, gliders etc. for short bursts of cardio & strength.  (outside in good weather)

TRX (Strap suspension) - Use a % of your body weight and suspension training straps to Build Strength, Power, flexibility, Balance & mobility - watch the results!

Cycle classes - Use the bike at various resistances to create a Dynamic and fun Ride, Race, and challenge.

Zumba - A fun Latin Dance workout for all levels to Move and let loose while improving endurance, dance style, and balance.

Kick Box - Cardio Box -  Energy abounds in cardio non-contact boxing and kicking combinations that challenges the whole body! This will improve your confidence.

Muscle Pump / Muscle Pump Blast - A strength and endurance training workout using weights, body bars, resistance tubing, Med. balls, Gliders, etc. - Blast is a shorter version.

H20 Classes - Different types of classes in the Pool - all Zero impact total body workouts utilizing the Natural buoyancy & resistance qualities of the water.  Various resistance tools are also used to add many levels to the workout.

Mini Trampoline / Rebounding -  Train like the astronauts in this fun & exhilarating workout to build stamina, muscle,  balance, & burn mega calories.  There are endless benefits for the entire body function - lymphatic cleansing to name just 1.

Corepole - Total Body workout with constant Core challenge using positive & neg. resistance  tubing anchored to the corepole unit.

Yoga - Lengthen, Tone, and stretch the entire body while breathing properly for maximum benefit.

Core / with pilates mix - Various modes of resistance tools are used to challenge your core while building balance, flexibility, and communication within your body.